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"The happiness spike for material items is short-lived, whereas experiences produce joy during the anticipation of the experience, the actual experience itself, and then from the memories afterwards. Experiences tend to bring us together with other people, and social connection is another key to happiness. Experiences often lead to better stories and conversations, helping us to relive the experience and bond with others (even if they weren’t there for the actual experience). Experiences are more likely to be defining moments in our life, and associated with how we see ourselves or who we want to be. Experiences are often more unique and distinctive when compared to material items" - Blog by Andrew Merle

Christmas Gift Certificates!

Click the Gift Certificates button to be taken to our secure booking engine and choose the "Gift Certificates" tab. Choose the amount you wish to purchase. If you prefer, call Nancy at 618-201-8681 and we will gladly help help you to purchase your gift certificate.

Gift Certificates

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Need the perfect gift for a special occasion? We offer Gift Certificates that can be applied to any dates, any cabins, any stay.

Isn't it about time to unplug, reconnect with each other, and just breathe?

What's So Special?

Gift Certificate to Rocky Comfort Cabins

A gift certificate can be applied for any stay, at any cabin, at any time.

Relax! You've got this. Give a romantic getaway and let the fun and planning begin.


Just Breathe...

Peaceful sunset Little Grassy Lake

When was the last time you could let time stand still and just watched a sunset with that special person, with only the sounds of nightfall serenading? This image is at Little Grassy Lake. The views in the Shawnee, and from our cabins, are spectacular. Hint - The Creole Cabin has the best sunrise and sunset views.

Gift Certificates are not redeemable for cash and non-transferable. Guest redeeming the certificate is responsible for paying the Hotel Motel tax required by law (11%) on the amount of the certificate. When a gift certificate is used towards a reservation, it is subject to the same reservation policies as a cash or credit deposit would be, and any remaining balance is due at booking. See policies page for more details. Any balance leftover from a certificate may be applied as a credit to another stay.