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Intimate yet roomy, this luxurious romantic escape is loaded with French Creole architectural accents, romantic ambience, and exquisite cozy charm. Vaulted ceilings throughout, including the bedroom. Two full baths provide the perfect setting for your unique, romantic getaway. J'adore ├ža!

One bedroom romantic retreat for two with a second bathroom for added luxury.

Spectacular panoramic views from the private hot tub pavilion and wrap around gallery porch, large deck.

With a glass of wine in hand, take a romantic stroll through the vineyard at sunset to your very own private cabin, just a short walk away from Blue Sky Vineyard.

Eclectic Nuances from French Gothic to The French Quarter.

In the middle 1970s as a design and architect student at SIU, Ed went to a large craft fair in St. Genevieve, Mo. He was fascinated with the large number of French Colonial structures that dated back to the 1790s. He began to study more about the French Colonists building style and hoped to complete a home in that style.

In the decades that Ed was a residential home builder, southern Illinois became dotted with custom homes Ed had designed and built. Most are built on forested property.

In 2013, Ed and I purchased an exquisite piece of property from Blue Sky Vineyard to build vacation rentals. Our first cabin was Ed built of course, was in the French Colonial Style, The Creole House. The Creole House is modeled after the Bolduc House that is now a museum in St. Genevieve.

This same style goes down the Mississippi through Louisiana. During the Colonial times, the French controlled the Caribbean Islands. The structures built along the Mississippi were built with red cedar or cypress logs in a vertical position, and the spaces between were plastered with mud and wattle to seal and fill the spaces. A lime plaster was used to finish the interior and exterior walls.

The Creole House was built using modern construction methods, and to simulate the lime/plaster exterior, we used fiber cement panels that replicate stucco.

In the Bolduc House, the summer kitchen was in a separate structure. At The Creole House, we used a similar style structure for the hot tub pavilion.

The attached private hot tub pavilion has a fully structured roof matching the architecture of the cottage.

With the roomy, exquisitely cozy interior, full gourmet kitchen, charcoal grill, fire pit, and a hot tub, you might have to resist the urge to simply stay at the cabin instead of heading out to the rest of the wine trail!

The Bolduc House is in the beautiful town of Ste. Genevieve, Missouri. Images here on this page below came from the Facebook page for The Centre for French Colonial Life and the Bolduc House.

Authentic hand crafted shutters

The French Colonial Corridor goes all the way to New Orleans. New Orlean's get hurricanes and homes need hurricane shutters.

Go hard or go home Ed hand crafted these beautiful shutters. Shutters are fully operable and if guests feel the need, they can "shutter" themselves inside the cabin.

Front porch of French Colonial Bolduc House

Front Porch of the Bolduc House

Credit: The Centre for French Colonial Life the Bolduc House | Facebook


Front porch of Creole Cabin at Rocky Comfort Cabins

Front porch of the Creole Cabin.

Hot tub pavilion has a fully structured roof.

The original design of the Bolduc House, and many early French Colonial houses, had an outdoor kitchen closely attached to the house. We've stylized this concept with an attached private hot tub pavilion with a fully structured roof matching the architecture of the cottage.

Bolduc House with outdoor kitchen and garden

Gardens and outdoor kitchen of the Bolduc House

Credit: The Centre for French Colonial Life the Bolduc House | Facebook

View from hot tub pavlion north of the Creole Cabin

The hot tub pavilion is connected to the gallery porch. There are hooks by the back door for robes, and hooks on the six by six posts to have ready beside the hot tub.

Vaulted Ceilings give the Creole Old World character.

Vaulted ceilings in Creole Cabin, French Colonial Architecture

The structure of the Creole Cabin roof allows for incredible vaulted ceilings throughout the cabin, including the bedroom. In the Bolduc House has a truss design that originated in Normandy and France called a norman truss. We decided the vaulted ceilings would be more desirable in the Cabin. It is our "artistic interpretation" - in other words, because we could!

Side view of the Bolduc House with gardens

Gardens and outdoor kitchen of the Bolduc House

Credit: The Centre for French Colonial Life the Bolduc House | Facebook

Side garden of the French Creole Cabin

The cottage garden draws in all kinds of life. The shrubs, evergreens, and winter berries provide shelter and food during the winter, and plants and blooms provide a sustenance for all kinds of life, and nature's beauty for us to watch.

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Endless Gorgeous Views

Couple drinking wine next to campfire, watching sunset

While all of our cabins have gorgeous views, The Creole Cabin wins the prize for the most spectacular views as it sits higher on the ridge. Sun washed vineyards, rolling prairie, and color combinations of the unending forest brings serenity to the soul.

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  • Private outdoor hot tub under a covered pavilion
  • Egyptian or Turkish cotton thick hooded robes for colder months and lighter plush robes for summer
  • The Creole has TWO full bathrooms for the ultimate in creature comforts.
  • Exquisitely comfortable plush top king size bed with temperpedic pillows for neck support
  • Cozy cast iron gas fireplace alcove (Usable October 1 - May 10)
  • Weber Charcoal BBQ grill on the deck
  • Brick outdoor fire pit
  • Whole bean gourmet coffee with a grinder and Keurig Duo coffee maker.
  • Tea kettle and tea
  • Fully equipped kitchen with elegant granite counter tops and butcher block penninsula
  • Basic spice rack and olive oil
  • High end towels and linens
  • BOSE Sound dock speaker system. (Auxiliary input lets you play other audio sources)
  • Satellite TV with 40 inch LED television in main gallery plus additional TV in the Beaujolais bedroom
  • Blue-Ray DVD Player
  • Private deck with outdoor seating
  • Romantic lighting with LED candles
  • Washer/Dryer
  • High efficiency air conditioning and heat
  • Spectacular views and of course, walking distance to the premiere winery beautiful Blue Sky Vineyard
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The French Gothic Creole Cabin
Private, Secluded, and Intimate Elegance. Truly our favorite cabin!