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If you're looking for the perfect location for your southern Illinois Cabin rental, come visit us at Rocky Comfort Cabins.

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Shawnee Hills Wine Trail

Out of view of all three of our cabins but just past the tree line, take a short stroll and you are within minutes of a taste of Tuscany at Blue Sky Vineyards. Get a bottle to go along with something off of their cafe style menu and head back to your cabin if you wish for more privacy. You can even just walk back with your glass of wine. Now that's living!

Shawnee Wine Trail

Other unique wineries on the Shawnee Hills Wine Trail.

Wine Trail

Each and every winery on the Shawnee Trail has its own unique atmosphere. Take your time and sample each vineyard. Since there are so many, you'll have to come back and stay at one of our cabins another time to discover them all, or revisit your favorite.

Wilderness and Natural Areas

When the Laurentide ice sheet receded it left intact the spendor that is our beautiful Shawnee Hills. Evidence of the original protectors of the land, the Shawnee and Illinois Indian Nations, still can be found along trails, bluffs, caves, and in so many other locations. The Shawnee is protected and its preservation is dear to our hearts.

There is never enough time to see everything, but we hope you keep coming back and continue to explore the wonders of the Shawnee Hills.

In our collection of links, the Illinois Department of Natural Resources website covers all of these areas, but one website, The Shawnee National in particular, has clear, succinct references to places we've highlighted. Also check out Shawnee for even more information.Several sections will overlap in categories such as parks, trails, fishing, rock climbing...

Explore these links, then come explore the real thing.

Look at some beautiful imagery at Shawnee National Forest Facebook page.

the creek Heron Pond Shawnee National Forest cave

We keep talking about the beautiful waterfalls in southern Illinois. Here is a link to an article, written by one of our previous guests Les Winkeler for the southern Illinoisan. Check it out and feel free to share!

Southern Illinois Waterfalls

Lakes and Water Activites

Southern Illinois is home to several lakes for fishing, boating, flat-water kayaking, and even SCUBA diving. Rent a pontoon at Little Grassy for the day. Walk the trail around Devil's Kitchen Lake and enjoy the bluffs anytime of the year.
We highly recommend checking out White Crane Canoe Rentals and Guide Service. Schedule a tour and see some of the most beautiful places and wildlife on the Cache River you can only see on the water.
For the adrenaline rush seekers, The Shawnee Hills has an array of cliffs, rock climbing and now a zipline two miles from Rocky Comfort Cabins.


the creek


Anna, Cobden and Carbondale will be your main destinations for markets and dining. There are always places in between, but these will help guide you. Several Walgreens in the area too.


Be sure to take a stroll through Cobden and stop by Village Arts and Gifts to see more local art. Check out the Old Feed Store and see about their upcoming events. Drive down to Flamm's Orchard and, depending on the season, take home some fresh apples, strawberries, peaches and home made goodies. You'll find orchards everywhere in the area - Cobden, Alto Pass, Murphysboro.

Local shops are usually where you find treasures to take home, with a story behind your purchase.

Make time along your way to stop at the Makanda Boardwalk and have a cup of Makanda Java, ice cream or sandwiches. While you're there, stop in and look at Dave's garden at the Rain Maker Studio, or Visions Art Studio. Maybe you'll be here for the Makanda Boardwalk Vulture Fest in the fall. Local residents celebrate the black and turkey vulture's annual migration each fall as an end to the hot summer and the beginning of cooler fall weather. The weekend festival features live music and displays by local artists for purchase.

metal sculpture Makanda Boardwalk Peaches Dave's Garden

Southern Illinois Sports

With Southern Illionois University being a 20 minute drive from Rocky Comfort Cabins, you can be a part of the Saluki tradition. Enjoy the atmosphere and join the tailgate before a football game at the new Saluki stadium.

If you are visiting during basketball season, be sure to attend an exciting Saluki game at the SIU arena.

Click here for information on buying tickets for SIU sports events.

With spring comes baseball. SIU broke ground on a new baseball field that should be ready for the spring 2014 schedule.

Want more baseball? Marion is home to an MLB team the Southern Illinois Miners.


Golf courses abound in southern Illinois. Check out our list below for some of the best golf courses in the area.

siu football
Jordan Putting
Golfing at Hickory Ridge
SIU Arena SIU Basketball SIU baseball

When you Stay at Rocky Comfort Cabins, you are within reach of an abundance of local artisans, musical performances, and galleries. We've set up links to the more well known venues, but it is what you find in between that keeps you coming back to the area.

More information about the 2017 Eclipse in which the point of greatest duration will be measured in meters by Rocky Comfort Cabins and Blue Sky Vineyard.

Eclipse 2017

What to do first? Relax.