Total Solar Eclipse 2017

Point of Greatest Duration

A total solar eclipse will take a path through the United States 8/21/17. The point of greatest duration (the location where the total eclipse lasts the longest along the entire path) has been located by NASA almost right on top of Rocky Comfort Cabins and Blue Sky Vineyard.
This is just too cool.

What is even more fascinating?
The point of Greatest Duration is happening in the solar corner of the Shawnee Hills Wine Trail. Not only is each of our cabins partially powered by Photovoltaic technology, but Blue Sky Vineyard just finished having a full solar array put up at its winery. What a great way to promote solar energy.

The view outside the round bedroom window of The Cove
The view outside the round bedroom window of The Cove

We have not allowed these dates to be booked because we want to carefully consider how we were going to handle this event. The details about those important August dates at Rocky Comfort Cabins will be shared very soon. Since NASA put the pin for Greatest Duration by our property and Blue Sky Vineyard we have been inundated with calls. What we do know, to be perfectly candid, is that it will be a four day minimum stay package and the rates will be significantly higher than our normal rates to match the unique opportunity our guests will have to experience this extraordinary event from their own private luxury cabin. We also know that we are giving 20% of the base rate paid to two different local charities, one of which will be the Jackson Union County Habitat for Humanity

The Solar Eclipse will be a spectacular event and a much needed ethereal distraction for this country. Maybe this somewhat brief, magnificent experience will allow all of us fortunate enough to see it in its totality to step outside of ourselves and remember that indeed, there are things much bigger than ourselves and to live in the moment, enveloped in a celestial peace.

Check back with us and we will be updating this page with the details of a truly spectacular stay for the 2017 Total Solar Eclipse! In the meantime, read our Blog on the eclipse. Other great links with more info on the eclipse. Eclipse 2017 | Astronomy Magazine

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